Why Renew Your dyson?

  • Manufactures plan for you to want to buy a new vacuum as soon as possible. Which is why every time you buy a brand new vacuum you will find it less satisfying.
  • You can end the cycle of expense & regret by getting a free online estimate on this page which will restore and maintain the Dyson you already have. This will ensure you will never again feel like your home is not fully clean. Free Estimate >
  • Customers report that they feel more confident in the cleanliness of their home when they restore their current Dyson to new.
  • Difficulties with newer vacuums include more time spent cleaning and maintaining it, limited lifespan and expensive replacement parts.
  • As well as the likelihood of you being let down sooner, newer vacuums take more work to maintain, and do not remove embarrassing odours, allergens and creepy crawlies as well as your current one.
  • The biggest reason for regret is that if you waste money on a newer model vacuum, it will let you down a lot sooner.  Whereas when you return your current one to new, you can rely on it for much much longer. Free Estimate >
  • When you get your free online estimate at the bottom of this page you will know all there is to know about your Dyson. This makes you much better equipped than if you blindly purchase a new vacuum based on pushy advertising alone.
  • If for any reason you make the choice to part with your current Dyson, you may get a cash offer for it at The Dyson Hub. Older Dysons are much more reliable and popular than newer vacuums.
  • Many people who do waste money on a new vacuum keep their old Dyson as a spare ready for when it lets you down.
False:     Buying a brand new vacuum will make cleaning easier and avoid any problems

Truth:    Manufactures are finding more ways to make you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Therefore, every time you buy a new model, you will work harder to get the same cleaning results.

Repairing, Refurbishing or Renewing Your Current Dyson Will Help You Keep Your Home Beautifully Clean. Without Any Unnecessary Expense.

Imagine your household had a prestigious top of the range car, and it broke down or got old.

Do you:

1) Scrap it and spend 5 times as much money on a new one which is poorly made, and will cause you nothing but problems?


2) Wave a magic wand and make it like brand new again?

Revive Your Current Dyson For:

Cleaner Air

Welcoming Atmosphere For Visitors

Confidence In Having A Clean Home

More Time To Relax

Reduced Risk of Bed Bugs/Fleas/Spiders In Your Home

Reduced Allergic Reactions, Snoring & Breathing Difficulties

Spend Less Money

No Wasted Time

Or Replace It And Get:

That Unclean Feeling Around Your Home

Reduced Confidence In The Cleanliness Of Your Home

Ongoing and increased cost and expense

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) My Dyson is 10 years old, is it worth repairing?

A)  Most older Dyson models are more sustainable than any of the recent ones. In particular the DC07, DC14, DC27, DC33, DC24 & DC25.  These models out perform and outlast all other models. Should you have one of these models it is guaranteed that your Dyson can be returned to new suction and be far better value than any alternative  

Q) The model I have isn’t listed as being one of the best. What should I do?

A) The Dyson Hub offers a No-Obligation Free Health Check to every single Dyson owner if you require it.  Firstly this provides you with any potential costs and problems up front before you commit. Secondly it ensures that no Dyson is repaired unless it is the most sustainable option. If you are not 100% confident that a repair is right for you, drop your Dyson into the store, or use the estimate form to book a Free Health Check. 

Q) What Kind Of Guarantee Do Repairs Come With?

A) An overhaul refurbishment comes with a 12 month guarantee. This means that should your Dyson fail to provide the expected level of performance due to any work undertaken you can bring it back to the store and it will be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Q) Do you come to my home and service my Dyson here?

A) You can of course ask for your Dyson to be picked up from your home or work. However, all work is undertaken in the workshop where all facilities are available. It is not possible, hygienic, nor sustainable to service your Dyson in your home. The Dyson Hub is open 7 days a week, and you can park directly outside for free. Choose the transportation method which suits you best, then the rest is taken care of. Pick it up yourself when you’re passing, or have it dropped off at a time to suit you.

Q) If Dysons are so great why do they break?

A) As with any product there comes a time when it will need replacing or repairing. The time in which you have to enjoy it in between will depend on how suitable it is for purpose, and how well it has been maintained. The models which have been outlined as being the most sustainable (DC07, DC14, DC27, DC33, DC24 & DC25) are the ones which can survive the toughest tasks and in spite of any misuse or lack of maintenance are always worth reviving because there is no other model which could provide you with the same level of cleaning.  

Q) I want to replace my older Dyson for a cordless. Which one should I get? 

A) Cordless vacuums are certainly a handy addition to your toolkit. But to use instead of a mains powered cleaner is the biggest reason for failure. Despite what TV adverts say, they are not yet advanced enough to clean your home as well as your old cleaner did.      

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