If you have been smart enough to keep hold of your Dyson DC14, DC24, DC25, DC27, or DC33 you will be aware that it cannot be beaten by any other vacuum cleaner. Here at Copnor Road we service and repair all makes and models of vacuum cleaner. However, in 2018 alone we refurbished over 700 of these models for Portsmouth residents. The machines speak for themselves, so you don’t need to be told why they are so great. 

But maybe what you didn’t know is that no matter what may be wrong with your Dyson, it can be restore to as new with a 12 Month guarantee. So while your friends and family are breaking their backs trying to use their cordless or Shark to get the house clean, you’ll be gliding through the housework with your trusted Dyson. Not to mention that  in years to come, yours will be going strong while many new vacuums will already be on the scrap heap. 

Refurbish Your Dyson – Only £99    12 Month Guarantee


This highly acclaimed flagship service revives every part of your Dyson, AND prevents it from deteriorating for years to come.

So you will never have to waste your time and money on any of the vacuums currently available which always end up making your home feel dirty.

All you need to do:

  • Drop your Dyson to Copnor Road or (contact using the form below for more info)
  • Wait 7-10 days for the email to say your Dyson is ready

First you get a Free No-Obligation Health Check to see if any parts are required. Then you check the final estimate & decide if you’d like to go ahead. 

When you say yes:

To Make Sure Your Home Is Protected From Bacteria & Allergens:

  • Every part of your Dyson is pressure/steam/ultrasonic cleaned
  • Filter renewal

To Protect You & Your Loved Ones:

  • Rewiring
  • PAT test (Business customers can ask for a green sticker to be put on)

To Ensure You Feel Great When Vacuuming:

  • Every part is deep-cleaned and polished
  • Your Dyson is rebuilt with care and attention just like it was in the factory
  • Deodourising & Antibacterial coating

For Peace Of Mind & A Relaxed Feeling:

  • Once refurbished, your vacuum cleaner will be more valuable and durable than any machine you could buy in the shops
  • It will provide powerful and flexible performance all around your home
  • You will be protected from allergens, spiders and bed bugs
  • 12 Month guarantee

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