The Portsmouth News Retail & Leisure Awards 2017

It was a surreal experience to open an email which suggested ‘The Dyson Hub’ had been nominated for a local award. Until then The News Retail & Leisure Award was considered something only the large stores in the City Centre would become involved in. It transpired that a friend of the business/bookkeeper had nominated ‘The Dyson Hub’ for an award in secret. It was an exciting experience for the whole team. It was later revealed that The Dyson Hub was a finalist. This meant being invited to the awards ceremony for a meal and entertainment at The Portsmouth Guildhall. Unfortunately The Dyson Hub did not win the award. However, it was up against some big high street names who’s members of staff had gone to extraordinary lengths to help customers. But to be involved in such an exciting ceremony was an honour, and the entire team is exceptionally proud.


The reason Chris put forward the nomination was because during the period 2015-2015 the business faced almighty challenges which meant a constant uphill struggle. It is not unusual for any business to have to work hard in order to survive, and each one has its individual difficulties which are not necessarily any easier to manage. But despite a seemingly never ending battle against circumstances, the customer experience and value was always at the forefront of everything The Dyson Hub does. The Management never intended to move to Havant until the Landlord at Kingston Crescent suggested he wanted to sell the land which the original shop stood on. In fact, Copnor had always been the ideal location but it is rare for a suitable premises to become available. Solent Trade Park was unfinished when The Dyson Hub took residence in 2015. It wasn’t until several Months down the line that it became clear Hargreaves Property Management had no intention of bringing the development up to standard suitable to efficient trading. It was unfortunate that The Dyson Hub had signed a contract which would not allow it to publicise its business anywhere on the land, or make the business visible to the public in any way.


What many businesses do in circumstances such as these is either give up, or reduce the value in their products so as to make enough money. The Dyson Hub had worked so hard to get where it was that it was never going to allow external factors such as these to compromise its ethics and its practices. While working on new ways to survive in the world of business which all of a sudden no longer had a  “walk-in” trade the team was forced to learn new ways to attract customers and keep them. All the while the attention to detail and the customer experience was constantly being updated and fine tuned so that no customer was ever left unsatisfied. These “lessons” have served The Dyson Hub well since moving forward back to Copnor where it belongs. However, they represent huge challenges and obstacles which the team are proud to have worked through and never gave up on customer service and good value for money.  

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