Don’t You Love The Feeling You get

When The Housework Is All Done…… 









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Don’t You Love The Feeling You Get

When There Is No Housework To Do……….  



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Did You Know?

  • Vacuuming is the 20% of your effort that provides 80% of the comfort in your home.
  • If you don’t look after your Dyson you will work harder, and  be less satisfied with the results.
  • Owning a Dyson is only half way to real comfort at home. The other half is maintenance.
  • A new vacuum cleaner requires as much maintenance as your old one.
  • Without regular maintenance your Dyson will produce less comforting results after every use.
  • As the performance reduces, embarrassment and discomfort caused by odours, allergic reactions and feeling unclean increases
  • Your Dyson is looking after your home and making it more enjoyable than a G-Tech or Shark.
  • But each time you use it dirt and unpleasant things are collecting inside.
  • Regular maintenance of your Dyson ensures you continue to get that “clean” feeling every time you use it.
  • If you notice poor cleaning results or odours you’ve left it too long between services.
False:     Buying a brand new vacuum will make cleaning easier and avoid any problems

Truth:    Manufactures are finding more ways to make you want to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Therefore, every time you buy a new model, you will work harder to get the same cleaning results.

Compare Your Dyson With Your Car:

Every time you pass the garage you’re given fuel, a service and valet.

For only £12.40 per month.

But instead you’re protecting 80% of your home comforts


Join today and add a second Dyson to your plan for FREE

(Yours or somebody else’s Dyson)


A FREE Overhaul refurbishment

for 2 Dysons every 12 Months!

Enjoy Cleaner Air

Guests Will Not Smell Odours When They Visit

You Will Feel Confident Your home Is Clean

Relax More Often & Enjoy Your Home Comforts

Reduce The Risk of Bed Bugs/Fleas/Spiders Invading Your Home

Reduce Allergic Reactions, Snoring, and Breathing Difficulties

No Unexpected Service Bills

No Wasted Time

No Getting Your Hands Dirty

No Washing Filters Or Waiting To Dry


Join Today & Get 2 FREE Overhauls Every 12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) My Dyson is new/It has just been cleaned.

A) All the more reason to start looking after it right away. You vacuum your home with the intent of keeping it as clean as possible. Every single vacuum cleaner, new or newly refurbished, gathers dust inside from the very first use. Regular maintenance is key to preventing your Dyson from wearing out.

Q) The insurance covers my Dyson breaking down doesn’t it?

A) This is not a new for old insurance policy.

Becoming a member of ‘My Dyson’ is:

a)  The dirty and time consuming maintenance you have to do to ensure your Dyson never lets you down.  

b) A guarantee that you can always keep your home clean.

Your insurance does not provide any of these benefits. 

(Not to mention the 2 free overhauls every 12 Months)

Q) I already have a guarantee. That is the same isn’t it?

A) No. A guarantee covers manufacturing failure, or the work carried out to restore it. Over time your Dyson naturally begins to lose power and eventually you start to feel that your home is less clean than it used to be. By which time Dyson will expect you to spend money on a replacement. The guarantee cannot not prevent you from using your Dyson. Whereas your membership to ‘My Dyson’ prevents any loss of suction or damage caused by every day use.

Q) Do you come to my home and service my Dyson here?

A) You can of course ask for your Dyson to be picked up from your home or work. However, all work is undertaken in the workshop where all facilities are available. It is not possible, hygienic, nor sustainable to service your Dyson in your home. The Dyson Hub is open 7 days a week, and you can park directly outside for free. When you discover a loss of suction, chose the transportation method which suits you best, then the rest is taken care of. Pick it up yourself when you’re passing, or have it dropped off at a time to suit you.

Q) I have a subscription already to a similar plan. It is cheaper and they come to my home and replace parts. Is this the same?

A) No. Be careful of anybody coming to your home and replacing parts. If it is Dyson itself you are in no danger. But any other company is likely to use fake parts which will break your Dyson. These subscription Companies usually vanish after a while but continue to take your money.

The Dyson Hub is a local small business with a passion for making sure your Dyson never lets you down. Everything available to you is completely transparent and you can speak to the team at any time. It is not recommended that you pay a subscription to a business that you cannot visit in person.

Q) I have an old Dyson. Does this qualify for membership?

A) Yes. In fact your Dyson is much more sustainable and reliable than new ones. Therefore it is highly recommended that you do all you can to protect it. If your Dyson has a fault there may be a charge for parts. However, all labour and servicing is free for members.     

Q) What if my Dyson breaks due to failure or age?

A) Your membership is there to prevent this happening as much as possible. However, sometimes parts will wear out or they will accidentally break. If your insurance or guarantee does not cover this do not worry. As a ‘My Dyson’ member everything is taken care of. All you may need to do is pay for any parts required. Repairs and servicing is totally free, along with fault detection.     

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