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A perfectly working vacuum cleaner is the biggest part of carpet cleaning. Vacuum properly as often as you can and this will minimise the dirt that gets deep into your carpets. Carpets are however made of fibres which naturally pick up microscopic dirt and debris, as well as stains and odours. Professional carpet cleaners who really know what they doing will vacuum your carpets thoroughly over and over, and this will be 90% of their work when cleaning your carpets. The rest of the work is done by applying a light mist of  a quality solution which will loosen any remaining dirt or stains, then carefully washing it away with a good carpet cleaner. If you ever do have your carpets cleaned make sure you use a business which uses up to date carpet cleaning equipment. There are a lot of Companies still using ProChem and Steam Pro machines which do your carpets more harm than good. The chemicals and solutions used with those types of machines leave behind awful residues and optical brighteners which are no good for your carpets or your skin for than matter. 

Given The Dyson Hub’s passion for quality products, good service, and outstanding results, it has teamed up with Portsmouth most recommended Carpet Cleaners. Portsmouth Carpet Cleaners, like The Dyson Hub is owned and Managed right here in Portsmouth. Most of the biggest carpet cleaning Companies are huge National businesses which are made to look local when you search for them. The problem here is that you would often get a subcontractor who could be anybody. 

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