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Equal Opportunities

A repair workshop which is owned and managed entirely by women often receives such positive and encouraging acknowledgments. While a person’s gender has very little to do with their ability to perform a job, it is currently popular for people to be labelled and categorised by their sex. The new owner of the business worked as a Manager for three years before taking the reins in April 2018.  So she has a true hands-on approach to running the front and the back end of her business.


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Widespread Popularity

It is satisfying to know that by providing a service such as vacuum cleaner repairs and vacuum cleaner servicing it makes a huge positive impact on the lives of thousands of Portsmouth residents. Many customers use the facility on a Monthly basis to avoid having to do the dirty, dusty maintenance at home. Adding this tiny job to your cleaning schedule eliminates struggle and loss of suction overall. However, some customers prefer to use their vacuum cleaner regularly until it decides to slow down and vacuuming becomes less effective, then drop it in for a service.

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Keeping Up With Demand

The services provided have changed periodically over the years to keep up with customer demand. Online reviews have been consistently positive which is a great way of knowing when things are being done well. Many businesses focus entirely on the job they are hired to do. However, it is important to understand the reasons why a customer makes contact. This one rule of thinking ensures that every single customer gets what they need and wouldn’t find a better deal anywhere else. There is absolutely no point in offering a product or service to every customer who walks in the door regardless of their circumstances.

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The Dyson Hub / Dyson

Although the current business model and mission statement of Dyson makes it unworthy of its reputation, the basis of Copnor Road Vacuum Service & Repair was built on Dyson products which were produced from 1995-2014. Despite Dyson losing the respect of independent retailers and repair centers, many years ago, it did continue to produce excellent vacuum cleaners right up until the DC33 which was the peak model. This goes hand in hand with the workshop opening its doors to other brands of vacuum cleaner. In recent years brands such as Shark and G-Tech are beginning  to knock Dyson off the top spot due to the quality of its products being disproportionate to the retail price.


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One of the most  frequently asked questions is:  “Is this the same place that used to be in Kingston crescent?”. The answer is yes, and is always responded to with a satisfying “Great!”. Although the business and its processes have developed over the years from back-street repair shop in to professional and well established business, the foundations have always been the same. The changes made to the name of the business as well as the physical location moves have been partly down to growth and a natural progression, while others were ‘mistakes’, or what any successful entrepreneur would call a ‘learning curve’.


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 Retail & Leisure Awards

In 2017 ‘The Dyson Hub’ was nominated for The Portsmouth News Retail & Leisure Awards. In itself this was a huge honour that somebody or some people thought the business was worthy of recognition at this prestigious ceremony. What made this even more exciting is that the business went on to become a finalist. The award ceremony was such amazing fun. The food was incredible and the drinks were flowing all night. It is very difficult to remember what the entertainment was, but that is possibly something to do with how much alcohol there was.  

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